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2 Post Lift Safe Use and Operation

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Last Updated: 11 April 2017

2 Post Lift Safe Use and Operation

This article has been written to provide our customers with some accurate and up to date information regarding correct working methods and procedures for the safe operation of two post lifts in accordance with UK and EU rules and regulations.

The Health & Safety Executive has released Updated guidelines and advice regarding the (Risks of vehicles falling off 2 Post Lifts) this information can be read by clicking the link and serve to provide the vehicle servicing industry with clear and concise advice and guidance regarding the risks of vehicles falling from poorly designed 2 post lifts.

The industry has been plagued recently by an influx of sub-standard 2 Post Lifts that either have no arm locking mechanisms in place or poorly designed two post lifts that do not feature the UK regulated 24 Volt control boxes that could result in the serious injury or death of the operator.

The HSE has issued these guidelines as a means of avoiding any further work related incidents involving 2 post lifts, after two accidents being recorded one of which resulted in a fatality and the other leaving a motor vehicle repair operative in a very serious condition after vehicles falling from badly designed two post lifts struck and injured mechanics working below.

It was wholly agreed with representatives of the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry, through the MVR Forum, that sufficient arm locking systems should be designed and fitted to all 2 post lifts as standard, with an immediate directive issued that all remaining 2 post lifts that do not feature arm locking devices should be immediately decommissioned and scrapped.

Each and every 2 Post Lift sold by Garage Equipment Online Limited is fitted with Arm locking mechanisms that are fully compliant with the EN1493 directive, providing our customers with peace of mind that their safety remains at the forefront of our endeavours.

The entire range of GEO branded two post lifts supplied by our company comes backed up with a full two year parts warranty and technical support, with the Crypton range of 2 Post Lifts featuring an industry leading 3 year on-site parts and labour warranty there really is no reason not to choose GEO for the purchasing of your two post lift.

Directive EN1493 places great importance on the regular maintenance of your 2 Post Lift, as a business owner or garage manager you must carry out and document daily inspections of your garages car lifts ensuring that they are fully operational fit for purpose and above all and safe for use by your employees, remember as the business owner/manager you are directly responsible for the health and safety of garage operatives and members of the public who may come into contact with the company or its work activities.

In the unfortunate event of an accident occurring within the workplace the HSE will request that all vehicle lift inspection documentation is made available to them and they will look to ensure that the owner/manager has fully complied with the relevant rules and regulations such as, (PUWER) Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations, (LOLER) Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations.

A great way to ensure that your business remains compliant is to make certain that your maintenance regime is beyond question, this can be achieved quite simply by being able to answer the question that WILL be asked by the Health and Safety Executive rep "can i see your maintenance records" with yes you can and promptly handing over a highly comprehensive file that proves that you have acknowledged your duty of care and taken all reasonable steps to minimise any risks associated with the operation of your 2 Post Car Lifts.

Daily Inspection of 2 Post Lifts Should Include

  • Visual inspection of all rubber mounts ensuring that they are of sufficient thickness and that the metal-work of lifting arms has not broken through the rubber of the lifting pad.
  • A thorough daily test of arm locking mechanisms visually and physically confirming that they are engaging and fully operational prior to any motor vehicle repair operative working underneath the two post lift.
  • Raise and lower 2 post lift several times whilst under load ensuring that the two post lifts are operating within the correct parameters.

Use common sense as your guideline there are several basic safety measures that you should adopt when working underneath a 2 post lift, always strictly adhere to the 2 post lifts manufacturer's instructions regarding the maximum capabilities of the 2 post lift being used, paying particular attention to its maximum weight limits and also considering if the type of two post lift that you are using is suitable for lifting larger vehicles. (dimensions and stability)

Identify the correct lifting points for the vehicle you are working on, as the removal of heavy vehicle components i.e. engines of gearboxes can considerably alter the vehicles weight distribution on the 2 Post Lift, there have been documented accidents where the operative has simply applied a small amount of force to the vehicle by attempting to loosen a seized nut and the vehicle has fallen from the 2 post lift due to poorly aligned lifting pads/weight distribution.

Check the vehicle user manual if you are if you are unsure as to the correct placement of rubber lifting pads, Prior to working underneath any 2 post lift, always lift the vehicle a short distance to physically check that the arm locking mechanisms have engaged by applying some force to them before fully elevating the vehicle.

By adopting these safe working methods and procedures we can reduce the number of accidents in the vehicle servicing industry involving the use of two post lifts.

Concrete Quality, Depth and 2 Post Lifts

The Health and Safety Executive has received many accident reports regarding 2 post lift collapses as a direct result of inadequate flooring with anchor bolts pulling free of weak concrete.

When planning to install a 2 Post Car Lift you should ensure that you are using a reputable company such as Garage Equipment Online we will ensure that the concrete floor is of the correct strength and depth prior to installing your two post lift, where no supporting evidence for the flooring specification is present, a series of test holes may need to be drilled and an expert opinion obtained before the installation of any hydraulic 2 post lifting equipment can begin.

One way in which businesses can ensure that a two post lift is installed correctly is by using 2 post lift suppliers and installation engineers who are accredited members of the Garage Equipment Association (GEA) such as our team of qualified garage equipment engineers.

Health & Safety Executive Publications on the Safe Use & Operation of Car Lifts

Garage Equipment Online take safety in the motor vehicle servicing industry very seriously, So should you!

We hope that you find this information useful and remember for all your garage equipment needs and requirements from Tyre Changers and 2 Post Lifts to Wheel balancers and MOT Bays that fully conform to all UK and European safety regulations, please Call Garage Equipment Online Today on +44 (0)151 601 4945.

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