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Becoming an MOT Tester (Authorised Examiner)

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Last Updated: 31 March 2017

Becoming an MOT Tester (Authorised Examiner)

If you are currently considering adding MOT testing facilities to your business then there are certain procedures and processes that need to be followed in order to attain the releveant permissions, firstly you must have must have in place an Authorised Examiner (AE).

An AE is the person or organisation charged with overseeing the day to day operations of an MOT testing station the authorised examiner must have completed a two day training course and achieved the relevant qualifications before the MOT station can lawfully carry out any MOT Tests.

An (AE) DVSA approved authorised MOT examiner can an individual, partnership or company that has gained direct authorisation from the DVSA to supervise the operations of an MOT testing station.

The Authorised MOT Examiner Must Ensure That

  • The MOT testing equipment is subjected to regular inspection and maintanance regimes.
  • That all MOT testing operatives are regularly assessed, trained and that they have succesfully completed all of the required training and passed a series of quality control checks.
  • That DVSA representatives are given complete unimpeded access to the garage workshop, MOT testing equipment and business records regarding individuals training and certificates as well as all other relevant information.
  • The authorised examiner must ensure that all MOT related documents are stored in a correct and proper manner and that direct access to online MOT testing systems and records is only ever given to fully qualified responsible persons.
  • That all MOT testing carried out by the business are conducted in a fair a proper manner, remember it is illegal to misinform either your customers or the DVSA.
  • That the department of vehicle standards agency is informed about any significant changes to the internal structure of the business within a maximum of seven working days of the changes taking effect.

Should you require additional advice and guidance on becoming an Authorised Examiner you can find a list of detailed information on setting up an MOT testing station via this link.

To get started on the road to becoming an authorised examiner (AE) you can download online, the VT01 application form here. This form can also be used if you have already acquired AE status and want to open an MOT testing station at your place of business.

If for any reason your application to become an AE is refused then the DVSA will inform you in writing usually within fourteen working days, you can appeal the decision and request a hearing by writing to the DVSA within fourteen days of receiving your refusal letter.

If you have recently bought into a garage workshop that has MOT testing facilities already in place then you need to be aware thet AE status does not transfer with the ownership of a business, so if you are in the process or have just purchased an MOT testing station you will be required to apply for AE status in your own right.

MOT Testing Manuals & Guidelines Direct From The DVSA

The following links will provide you with up to date and accurate information on DVSA guidelines and practices concerning the provision of MOT testing on Class 1,2,4,5 and 7 vehicles.

Also available for download is the DVSA guide to Vehicle exhaust emission standards and regulations.

Considering Which Premises To Use For An MOT Testing Station

When considering setting up an MOT testing station the overall arangement of the MOT testing equipment needs to conform to DVSA standards Garage Equipment Online have in place a highly experienced team of project managers who are able to provide you with accurate and up to date advice and guidance regarding the layout of your class 4 or class 7 MOT bay, we can provide you with professional (CAD Drawings) computer aided design software that fully conform to all current DVSA rules and regulations.

by creating a virtual plan of your MOT station for submission to the DVSA we can gain the relevant permissions and get your plans pre-approved prior to committing to an expensive MOT testing equipment refit/installation.

Many factors come into play you will need to consider MOT test bay sizes, the garage equipment utilsed must be suitable for the purpose and class of vehicle for which it is intended.

All of the MOT testing equipment supplied by Garage Equipment Online Conforms to all current UK rules and regulations, our 4 post ATL lifts and other MOT testing equipment are fully approved by the DVSA for use in the UK for the purpose of providing MOT Tests.

To view our whole range of DVSA approved MOT Equipment please visit Our MOT Bays page.

The MOT testing of different classes (1, 2, 4 and 7) of vehicle require a range of garage equipment that is designed to be suitable for use with the class of vehicle being tested.

As the owner or manager of an MOT testing station you must ensure that you have at least the minimum required level of MOT testing equipment for each individual vehicle class that you are approved to carry out MOT tests on.

All MOT testing Garage equipment must be regularly maintained and properly calibrated in line with the manufacturer’s instructions/guidelines at all times.

Which Classes of Vehicles To MOT Test

When deciding which classes of vehicle you wish to provide MOT testing for you should consider.

  • The appropriate garage equipment required to perform mot tests on different classes of vehicles.
  • The size and layout of your premises and MOT Bays.
  • Whether or not the Nominated Tester is DVSA approved to perform MOT testing on the range of different vehicle classes you may want to MOT.
  • Garage Equipment Online can provide advice and assistance on a wide range of MOT related issues we have been providing professional MOT Bay installations in the United Kingdom for many years and as such have acquired significant expertise within this particular area.

To enquire about our range of class 1, 4 and 7 MOT Bays or to arrange your FREE Site Survey, call Garage Equipment Online Limited on +44 (0)151 601 4945.

Or click here to see our complete range of DVSA Approved MOT Equipment.

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