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Classic Car Storage with Parking Lifts

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Last Updated: 09 August 2017

Classic Car Storage Solutions

Are you struggling for additional space to store your classic car? would you benefit from being able to turn a single space garage into a 2 car one with minimal investment?

Having a one vehicle garage means you can only park one car in it, having a 2 car garage means you can park 2 vehicles simple math right well not anymore, the popularity of car storage lifts in home applications is becoming ever more popular.

Increasing the available parking space in your garage does not require an expensive building/refurbishment project you can easily double the storage capacity of your home garage with the addition of a parking lift or two.

Garage Equipment Online has received many enquiries from customers who need to increase the available car storage in their home garages, we have in stock a wide range of parking lifts that are designed to fit neatly into confined spaces including 2 posts and 4 post parking lifts.

Why pay an extortionate amount of money to store your classic car in a warehouse when you can simply upgrade your home garage and fit in your pride and joy as well as your daily driver.

GEO Parking Lifts

Have you got a narrow home garage and do not think you have the required space to install a parking lift? There is a wide range of available sizes to choose from. When selecting a parking lift, one should be aware of the intended load i.e. the weight of the vehicle that is to be placed on the car lift. The term SWL refers to the lifts Safe Working Load or maximum weight limits.

  • Model 4: four post parking lift, 4.2 metre platforms, 2.6 metres wide 3.6 Tonne SWL.
  • Model 3S: 4 post parking lift 3.6 Metre platforms, 2.6 metres wide 3.7 Tonne SWL.
  • Model 3: 4 post parking lift 4 metre platforms, 2.6 metres wide 3.7 Tonne SWL.
  • Model 2: 4 post parking lift 4.0 metre platforms, 2.5 metres wide 3.7 Tonne SWL.
  • Model 1: 4 post parking lift 3.3 metre platforms, 2.5 metres wide 3.7 Tonne SWL.
  • 2 post parking lift, with 2 metre high columns and 1.5 Metre lifting height. 4.0 Tonne SWL. Great for low ceiling height but more suited to smaller sports cars such as MG's.

Car Storage Lift Case Study

GEO was contacted by a customer who was struggling for parking space, his collection was growing but unfortunately the available space in his home garage was not, after some lengthy discussions and a site visit from one of our garage equipment engineers to confirm suitability of the concrete floor and ceiling height restrictions, the customer was advised that the model 3 parking lift was the perfect solution to his car storage requirements.

One week later our guys turned up to carry out the installation of his 4 post parking lift, the job was completed in one working day and we were left with one very happy customer who recommended our services to several of his friends, resulting in a further 3 installations.

The banner image used on this page is the end result of some of our parking lift installations and shows the benefits of these products off to the best of their ability.

Parking Lift Installation

Garage Equipment Online have on hand a team of qualified and insured hydraulic lift engineers who can fit your parking lift into your home garage or car storage unit in-line with all current UK and EU rules and regulations.

Self-installation of our parking lifts can be completed by anyone with a good technical mind and or mechanical background, however having it installed by a team of competent lift engineers can ease the worries of working underneath a car lift after all getting it wrong could lead to very serious consequences.

Prior to installing a vehicle lift you need to check the adequacy of the concrete floor to which the lift is being fixed, car lifts should only ever be installed on level ground with the concrete having a minimum depth of six inches that is reinforced with re-bar, concrete should have a minimum compression rating of 3000psi.

Should the floor not meet the minimum legal requirements our engineers will not be able to lawfully install the lift until the remedial groundworks have been completed, and you will be charged for any return visits required to complete the works, wherever the reasons for a return visit are not deemed to be the responsibility of GEO.

Parking Lift Collection or Delivery?

GEO are more than happy for our customers to collect their car storage equipment from our warehouse on the Wirral, please note that the range of 4 post parking lifts are very heavy so you will require a suitably rated trailer i.e. one that is capable of carrying the overall weight and have a plan in place for unloading of the lift once it gets where it's going.

If you have opted for an installation by our engineers then we will bring the lift with us on the day of installation, we can arrange for a courier to deliver the item for you but again you will need lifting equipment to unload, we can also arrange for a courier to attend with a forklift if you do not have access to one, an extra charge applies for this service.

What is a Parking Lift?

A 4 post parking lift is designed to raise a car in the air so one can be stored directly beneath they are operated via hydraulic rams that fill with oil and allow the lift to raise and lower at the push of a button.

Benefits of Installing a Car Storage Lift

  • No costly building works.
  • No mess no fuss.
  • Instantly doubles your available vehicle storage.
  • Affords easy access to vehicle components for the DIY/home mechanic.
  • Can be used to store a wide range of items and still allow you to park your car indoors.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to suit narrow single car garages with limited ceiling height.
  • Jacking beam included to provide easy access to brake steering and suspension components.
  • You can store your car collection at home as opposed to an expensive car storage facility, better protecting your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can your parking lifts be used free standing? Yes, they can be left unfixed and can even be moved out of or around the garage via the metal castor kit.
  • Does your range of car parking lifts feature integrated safety devices? Yes the entire range of car storage solutions feature post locks, parachute valves and rope break locks.
  • Can I move the lift whilst a car is loaded onto it? No you should never attempt to move the lift whilst it is under load.
  • I do not want the oil from the car above to drip on the car below is there a way to prevent this? Yes, the entire range of parking lifts are available with either oil drip trays or centre infill kit included in the price.
  • Does the price include hydraulic oil? No we can supply the hydraulic oil for you at a small extra charge or you can purchase some from any motor factor, the correct fluid is ISO32 it usually takes between 8-10 litres of hydraulic fluid to fill the system.
  • How do I know if my concrete floor is suitable to install a parking lift? A simple drill test will indicate the suitability of your floor a depth of 4 to six inches is recommended for a 4 post lift with a minimum of six inches for a 2 post parking lift.
  • Are the floor bolts included? Yes all of the required bolts to complete your installation are included.
  • How soon can I have my lift installed? We can normally arrange for the installation of your car storage lift within ten working days of order.
  • I work all week, can we have it fitted over the weekend? Yes we can arrange for an installation date that best suits your requirements although it may cost a little extra.

To enquire about any of the car lifts in our range or to schedule a site survey contact a member of our team today.

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