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Connected MOT Equipment

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Last Updated: 12 February 2020

DVSA has Introduced Connected MOT Testing Equipment to Help Combat Fraud & Provide More Accurate Results.

The DVSA state that the overall objective of connected MOT equipment is to increase road safety, improve the accuracy of results that are entered onto the DVSA database as well as streamlining the MOT test. Due to the need to manually enter the data into the database human error is affecting the information collected and the DVSA are seeking ways to ensure that this is reduced or even better eliminated.

Connected equipment will mean that an actual test will have had to of occurred in order for the result to be entered and if the system is reading the VIN directly from the vehicles ECU simultaneously (Coming To An MOT Test Near You Soon.) it will have to be the correct vehicle being tested.

When Did Connected MOT Testing Equipment Come Into Force?

As of the 1st of October 2019, the DVSA has begun a phased introduction of internet & database connected MOT testing equipment beginning with roller brake testers.

Do I Need to Replace my Existing Equipment for the New Connected Machines?

No, the DVSA is not expecting every testing station to have to rush out and purchase new machines straight away, however if your machine breaks down and requires replacement then you must install equipment that complies with the latest regulations. As of the 1st of October 2019, all new applications submitted to the DVSA will be required to install connected brake testers. If you have recently purchased a roller brake tester then there is a good chance that your manufacturer will simply release a software update that will reconfigure your equipment in line with the new regulations.

What is the Benefit of Connected MOT Equipment?

The boffins at the DVSA's information & technology department have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that is capable of collecting large amounts of data, it then uses this data to create a risk assessment score not only on the testing station but also on individual testers as they move from one garage to another this helps to combat MOT fraud and keep the roads of Great Britain safer.

New Systems for a New Age in Motoring

As more types of connected MOT testing equipment are approved by the Garage Equipment Association we will begin to see a dramatic shift in the way the MOT test is carried out with no doubt the end goal being a fully monitored and automated process with all aspects of the test being recorded and instantly uploaded onto the DVSA's database, there is even talk of automatic number plate recognition cameras in the test bay and direct connection to the vehicle via the OBD port providing information such as vin numbers and mileage.

The Beginning of the End for MOT Testing Fraudsters

While to the average MOT tester this may all feel a little big brother and over the top it will undoubtedly lead to a higher standard of MOT testing and ultimately safer roads in the UK, the days of doing your mates a favour are most definitely numbered and I for one would not be surprised to see in the near future dedicated test bay CCTV cameras that record your every move and upload it directly along with a whole host of other data about the way in which that test was carried out. To put it simply connected equipment is to MOT fraudsters what ANPR Cameras were to uninsured drivers.

Is the Sole Intention to Catch Fraudsters?

It may feel like The DVSA is penalising the many because of a few bad apples by introducing these new measures, but if you take a closer look the pros outweigh the cons, connected equipment means a faster more accurate test with the human error element removed they can effectively eliminate wrong results being entered onto the DVSA system such as vin numbers and vehicle mileage. If you run a large 10 lane testing station, then it is impossible to watch all your employees at one time automatic data submission will ensure that while the cat is away the mice are hard at work setting a high standard for your business.

The Traffic Light System

You will have already heard about the new traffic light risk assessment system for testers and testing stations at the moment this is largely calculated using a national average i.e. how does the information provided by your testing station compare to that submitted by the vast number of others, statistical analysts can use this information to flag anything that may stand out from the crowd such as average time taken to complete a test how many tests are completed in an allotted timeframe and information submitted.

At the moment only, individual testers can view their traffic light score but, in the future, who knows your risk score may even determine whether you can find employment as an MOT tester or even result in your authorisation being revoked permanently. Don’t panic there is nothing to fear the DVSA are always willing to offer advice and assistance to help you improve your rating and will always except in very extreme circumstances choose to assist you rather than revoke your right to provide MOT tests.

What if I Score a Red Rating?

If you score Red, then you are being classed as high risk you should log into your profile to find out why you score so badly and amend your practices and procedures immediately to gain a better evaluation.

What if I Score an Amber Rating?

If you score an Amber rating, then you are being classed as medium risk you should log into your profile to find out why you score a medium risk rating and amend your practices and procedures to improve your score.

What if I Score a Green Rating?

If you score a green rating than you are classed as low risk this means that your profile stacks up with the national average and probably means that you conduct your tests in a professional manner.

Connected Equipment is it an Extension of the New Traffic Light System?

Whilst the traffic light system gives the DVSA some insight to the way that MOT tests are carried out automatic data entry is the future of MOT testing in the UK and the testing world should prepare accordingly.

The View of Front Line MOT Testers!

We will start with the opinion of a leading test centre authorised examiner who has been directly involved with the initial testing of connected equipment and move on to a few who have other ideas to get involved in the debate or to simply have your say see the link in the bottom paragraph.

Ian Willis

A Test Centre in Deptford has been involved with the trial. Ian Wills, the authorised examiner designated manager (AEDM) for the site said, "As the busiest MOT Station in the UK, we need equipment that is reliable and efficient. We’ve been working closely with one of the UK's leading Garage Equipment suppliers to trial the new connected roller brake testers and emissions testers at three of our test centres.

"Using this equipment gives us more accurate results, direct onto the MTS System making it quicker for our testers and customers alike; both critical factors in our business success.

We are always seeking ways to reduce workloads on our testers and with the equipment now being connected, it removes any ambiguity, ensuring safer vehicles for our customers.

Also, at The Test Centre Training School, we strive to be market leaders and always demonstrate best practice. Connected equipment is the beginning of the future for the motor industry and it’s great to see DVSA understanding the needs, to make life easy in the 21st century".

Steve Posted This Question on 08 September 2019.

The GEA is "on board”, I would imagine they are given the opportunity to sell vast amounts of new kit when perfectly serviceable tried and tested equipment suddenly becomes obsolete. As for the endorsement of the Deptford business used for the evaluation, their tie-in with Boston probably means the cost was minimal and the back up and maintenance impeccable. As the "busiest MOT Station in the UK" it is surely in their interest to promote something which has the capability to reduce the competition. and are therefore conflicted. Surely using a small MOT and repair garage with a single test bay would be more representative.

Julia (DVSA) posted on 09 September 2019

Hi Steve, The GEA does not sell equipment but approves it to make sure it meets the standard to be used in MOT test stations. The test centre Deptford may not be representative of all test stations but the tests they do certainly are, and they have seen the benefits in using connected equipment, much like any other garage will.

Barry at CCM Garages Posted This Question on 06 September 2019

It's not going to be comfortable but those who survive in the mot trade, let alone the motor trade, are going to have to embrace technology and change as though it were the norm.

The EODB dongle will stop fraudulent cars being registered, emissions and brake data may as well just be sent straight to DVSA so that we don't have to mess about with paper copies. Then if testers had managed to make a decent job of headlight alignment we wouldn't see the need for expensive connected beam setters . for too long our industry has fallen short and now I think we will pay the price.

I see so many blog posts moaning about change that I wanted to perhaps give a different view;

Vehicles and vehicle technology will evolve at an unprecedented rate over the coming years, as MOT test bays we will have to evolve or be left behind. As a garage and mot bay owner we are seeing all our techs now needing training for 10 % of their working year ( 2 -3 days per month ) , massive cost, less billable hours ...but we are looking at the future and investing accordingly. Our mot business will no doubt be the same as increased regulation and more training and equipment are needed.

Only things that could help me are,


Then at least the charge out rate would be realistic, and the increase would cover investment.

Julia of the (DVSA) Posted on 09 September 2019

Hi Barry Thank you for your interesting observations. Just a point to note - the MOT test fee is not decided by DVSA but Department for Transport.

The above questions and answers are direct Quotes, sourced from GOV.UK's Matters of Testing Blog. You can read the wide and varied views and comments from Frontline MOT testers here. Get involved in the discussion or address any concerns you may have with the DVSA directly.

Love it or hate it connected mot testing equipment is here to stay. Garage Equipment Online stock the fully compliant connected class 4 & 7 roller brake testers from market leaders Crypton to ask a question or to enquire call us Today on +44 (0)151 601 4945.

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