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MOT Bay Layouts and Dimensions

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Last Updated: 13 May 2017

MOT Bay Layouts and Dimensions

MoT Test Bay Equipment Layout and Premises

The MoT test bay and layout dimensions in this part form the minimum requirements measured from the inside of walls and doors of an MoT testing station, as appropriate.

Premises, test bays and equipment layouts will be considered suitable if they meet the following:

  • The MoT test bay and observation area are housed in a weatherproof building (not mandatory for roller brake sets).
  • The Mot testing equipment is arranged in such a way that MoT tests can be carried out effectively.
  • Has unimpeded access via a metalled road from the site entrance to the building entrance, so that vehicles can enter and exit the premises in a forward direction.
  • Provisions are made for a minimum oo 2 off road parking bays, or more if necessary, which are clearly marked as being for MoT test vehicles only.
  • The parking bays should be on hard standing ground each being not less than 7.0m in length by 3.0m in width and clearly marked by lines on the ground.
  • Displaying a "Diesels Tested" here sign.
  • Clear unobstructed access from the entrance of the building to the MoT testing equipment.
  • Vehicle entrances and exits must be at least 3.2 metres in height and 3.5 metres in width, where the entrance to the MoT testing area is located within 7.0 metres of a Plate Brake Tester the door width needs to be a minimum of 3.6 metres.
  • A minimum width of at least 4.2m (minor intrusions such as wall piers may encroach on this dimension provided vehicle testing and equipment is not impeded.
  • Minimum headroom of 3.5m (except over an MoT lift )
  • A class 7 MoT bay has a minimum headroom requirement of 4.8 metres from the lift platform when in the fully lowered position with a class 4 MoT bay having a minimum headroom requirement of 3.8 metres measured from the platform surfaces when fully lowered.
  • The headroom should extend rearwards 6.0m starting from 0.5m beyond the non drive on end of the lift and at least 1.5m on each side of the lifts longitudinal centre line. The width dimension may be gradually reduced to 1.2m on each side of the lift longitudinal centre line at a height of 4.8m.
  • Mot bays should be adequately illuminated.

Mot Equipment Layout

  • Your MoT bay should have a clearance of at least 1.0 metre at the front end of lift 1.5 metres at the rear of a lift or pit to any entrance/exit door or wall.
  • Your MoT equipment package cannot have walls or partitions inbetween adjacent MoT test bays.
  • Adjacent MoT bays must have a minimum clearance of 4.2 metres from the centre lines of the MoT testing equipment.
  • MoT testing equipment should have a minimum clearance 0.5 metres around all parts of the MoT lift.

WARNING: Adequate passageway clearance must be provided around testing facilities in all test bays. Applicants are advised to ensure that this clearance is achieved, especially in small test bays with some types of standard specification test equipment (e.g. lifts with motors on a column).

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Here we have a range of downloadable PDF's detailing the layout and dimensions of class 4 and class 7 MoT bays to give our clients a clear idea of the position of mot equipment and suitability of their premises to house a class 4 or class 7 ATL MoT Bay.

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Information sourced from the MoT Testing Guide (Available Here), a complete overview of the MoT Testing Regulations.

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