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Planning a New Tyre Shop

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Last Updated: 09 October 2018

Planning Your New Tyre Bay

Whether you’re laying out a simple tyre bay or a full multi-bay rapid change station, you’ll need to plan effectively to get the most out of your workshop space. Below you’ll find the planning process for your garage workshop and the equipment set up process.

From a Simple Bay to a Pit Stop-Style Multi Shop

A simple tyre changing station is the easiest to set up. Finding a unit using your local commercial agent or through an online service like Zoopla Commercial in the UK will start you off on a good footing.

The UK has multiple “planning use” bands, with B1 being standard and sufficient for a tyre bay in a non-residential area. Further permissions may be required if you are running or converting from an existing commercial or shop front unit.

For space, the ideal unit for a tyre bay is one with a separate entrance and exit where your customers can drive in their vehicle, have the wheels and tyres removed, changed, fitted and balanced before leaving through the exit door. This prevents having to manoeuvre vehicles around in or outside the unit and will permit maximum efficiency of your bay.

Drive Through Tyre Bay Shop Layout
Fig. 1: Drive Through Tyre Bay Diagram

Another option is using a multi-bay “drive in” format. Ideal for multiple tyre changing stations where the customer drives in to a pre-defined bay like a car park bay and the machines and tools are arranged around each station.

The machines you need for a basic tyre bay are a Tyre Changer, Balancer and Compressor alongside a good set of Trolley Jacks and Axle Stands. You will also need essential tyre consumables like Weights, Valves, Soap, Patches and Glue etc.

If you want a fast turnaround professional tyre bay, you can upgrade the changing equipment to fully automatic, greatly speeding up the processing time and also add a 2 post lift which will lift the vehicle up at all the jacking points simultaneously.

Garage Equipment Online is a UK provider of all the required equipment, offering full tyre bay start up packages including a 2 post lift from only £19.07 + VAT per week. As a leasing broker, fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, we can find you the best available leasing options for all of your equipment. (Leasing subject to status and credit checks.)

For further information or help choosing the right set-up, call our New Bay Sales Team on 0151 601 4945 (Option 1) or visit the website.

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