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The Differences Between Base Plate and Clear Floor Lifts

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Last Updated: 10 June 2019

Vital Differences Between Clear Floor and Base Plate Lifts

The maintenance of a vehicle is extremely important. Accessing its underparts for maintenance purpose is the most challenging part. The good thing is that auto lifts are there to help you out. Automotive lifts are hydraulic machines used to hoist vehicles above the floor. They allow you to have access to the wheel assembly and suspension system. When it comes to maintaining your vehicles, auto lifts are a must.

Here’s what you need to know about these essential tools:

Two-Post Auto Lift and Its Two Types

There are several different types of auto lifts to use. One popular model is the two-post auto lift.

The two-post lift technically consists of two parallel posts spaced a certain distance apart where a vehicle can fit. It has four adjustable arms attached to a carriage assembly, two hydraulic cylinders, an electric or hydraulic power unit, and a variety of hoses, pulleys, and cables.

Auto lifts have powerful hydraulics with lift and high-strength cables used to raise and lower your vehicle at a steady speed. The electric drive motor and the hydraulic pump are located in one of the columns (the powered column) and deliver power to the other column (the slave column).

When it comes to two-post auto lifts, there are two types -- the baseplate and the overhead. The notable difference is that the baseplate features a large plate connecting the two columns at the "base," while the overhead model features the connection between the posts at the "top." In the next section, we will discuss the benefits of each two-post auto lift type.

Baseplate Lift Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of a two-post baseplate lift:

  • Two-post baseplate lifts are relatively easy to install. They require a flat floor and a solid concrete base safe for bolting.
  • Baseplate lifts don’t have a height limitation, as compared to an overhead. They can accommodate tall vehicles with bed caps, light bars, roof racks, and other roof-mounted features.

However, please be wary of one disadvantage:

  • Baseplate lifts make the transmission work a bit difficult. When doing work on a car’s transmission, it can be difficult to roll the transmission jack over the baseplate itself.

Overhead Lift Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of a two-post overhead lift:

  • The overhead lift has greater stability brought by the added strength and support of the overhead cross member.
  • The overhead style of two-post auto lifts basically has no obstructions on the ground. Working under a vehicle on the lift will be best with clear, open floor space.
  • It's also easier to use the space between your lift as opposed to the baseplate model when there's no vehicle on the lift.

However, please be wary of one disadvantage:

  • You will always be limited to that maximum height since the overhead cross member is fixed. It may be necessary to climb up a ladder to access the overhead portion at certain points of the process.

Final Words: Making a Choice

Now that you know the difference between a baseplate lift and an overhead lift, you can choose the model that best suits your garage space and how you use your floor space. Making a choice particularly depends on what vehicle type you will need to work on for maintenance and cleaning. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The rule of thumb is that you should use the lift that fulfils the needs of your automobile.

If you’re planning to get your car checked, Garage Equipment provides the tools needed.

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